145 Build Your Mental Health Practice… Without Compromising Ethics. As with other professions, psychologists today are dealing with increased competition. And that competition isn’t merely in the form of other professionals vying for the same patients. While less so than in the past, mental health issues are still stigmatized, which interferes in various ways with people’s ability or willingness to access care. Also, some people who need or could benefit from behavioral health care fear the practice or process. Others feel shame. Mental health providers also contend with issues of the cost of their care and patients’ insurance coverage and/or ability to pay. To Overcome Competition and Barriers, Market Your Care In order to grow your mental health practice, you must break down these barriers, along with managing costs and caring for your patients. But how do you best — and most efficiently — accomplish this? How do you get prospective patients to understand your value proposition? And how do you go about establishing relationships with other healthcare providers? Other potential referral sources? The simple answer: Market — and differentiate — your practice, services and value. Experienced Professionals and Proven Methods Focused on Results At, our mental health marketing strategists and consultants have broad experience and expertise across the healthcare spectrum, including in psychology and other behavioral health services. We’ve developed strategic, effective solutions and messages designed for the specific needs or programs, such as couples counseling, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, etc. From sound internet strategies and compelling marketing materials to advertising, publicity/PR and public outreach, our mental health care marketing professionals will recommend proven solutions to help you overcome your practice’s challenges, compete and thrive. Experience is what informs our results-driven strategies and tactics for mental-health professionals. But it isn’t the only thing. Just Like Psychology Professionals, We Emphasize Ethics Along with decades of experience and time-tested strategies and tactics, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that psychology professionals face. And foremost on our minds at all times is the fact that reputation and ethics are central to everything mental health professionals do. The approach to marketing your behavioral- and mental-health services is to never compromise your ethics. Indeed, building, growing and enhancing reputation are part of our formula for success. So we recommend only ethical marketing strategies designed to differentiate your practice, stake its unique position within its marketplace, get noticed and attract the clients, cases and revenues you want

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